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The Quarter-Life Crisis

A friend reached out to me needing advice on what he described as a quarter-life crisis.

He graduated from college a few years ago with a degree in computer science only to realize — after a few years working in the industry — it wasn’t for him.

He liked it, but didn’t love it.

He asked if I have ever had a quarter-life crisis. I laughed.


I graduated with a degree in graphic design and quickly found a job as a marketing designer at an engineering company. I made it about six months before realizing laying out magazines and posters just wasn’t for me.

I made the switch into product/UX design soon after. Eight-ish years later and I still question if the world of design is right for me.

I like it, but I don’t love it, at least not anymore.

My current thesis (and what I told my friend): My professional career will likely be made of many jumps and pivots. Doing one kind of job for the next thirty years might be for some, but definitely not for me. And that’s okay.

My friend is currently guest starring as a product manager. He’s loving it.


Loren Morris


Front-End Developer at Saalt

Boise | Full-time or contract

Senior Software Development Engineer at Clearwater Analytics

Boise | Full-time

Senior React Developer at Krazy Coupon Lady

Eagle or remote | Full-time

DevOps Engineer at Scentsy

Meridian | Full-time

Software Developer (Java) at ClickBank

Boise | Full-time

Senior Software Engineer at Appdetex

Boise | Full-time

Lead Engineer at ConvertKit

Remote | Full-time

From last time: Intermediate Software Engineer at Healthwise

Boise or remote | Full-time

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Digital Product Manager at Simplot

Boise | Full-time

User Experience Designer at Truckstop.com

Boise or remote | Full-time

Project Coordinator at Solid State Operations

Boise | Full-time

From last time: Product Manager at Balsam Brands

Boise | Full-time

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Content Strategist at Healthwise

Boise or remote | Full-time

Customer Support Associate at PartnerHero

Boise | Full-time

Product Marketer at VisitPay

Boise | Full-time

Content Specialist at Virayo

Boise or remote | Full-time | Thanks for the tip Rita ✌️

From last time: Email Marketing Automation Specialist at Truckstop

Boise or remote | Full-time