Good Jobs #52: Being dangerous takes time

Boise-area and remote tech jobs at Reynolds and Myers, Fitted, Intuit, Trust & Will, Square, Vacasa, Drake Cooper, Stoltz, Healthwise, Redfin, and more

I’m a few weeks into a new job.

In an industry I have never worked in.

The buzzwords. The competitors. The A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.S.

It’s mind melting.

It’s hard.

But this is to be expected.

A boss from a couple jobs ago told me on my first day: “Be a sponge, go to every meeting, read every document, and meet every person. In about 3 months it will all click and you’ll be dangerous.”1

The 3 month thing has proven true every time.

I just wish he told me I would feel like a big dumb idiot every day until then.



Loren Morris

P.S. It’s been a week. Headphones on, here’s some zen…


Staff Full Stack Software Engineer at Intuit

Eagle | Full-time

Senior API Engineer at Fitted

Eagle | Full-time

VP of Engineering at ConvertKit

Remote | Full-time

Database Engineer at ClickFunnels

Boise or remote | Full-time

Lead Software Engineer at SEL

Boise | Full-time

Senior Frontend Engineer at Trust & Will

Remote | Full-time | 🍞

Still hiring: Intermediate Software Engineer at Healthwise

Boise | Full-time

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Web Specialist at Reynolds and Myers

Boise or remote | Full-time | Thanks for the tip Jeff ✌️

Product Manager at Healthwise

Boise or remote | Full-time

Senior Product Designer at Redfin

Remote | Full-time

Product Designer at Square

Remote | Full-time

Staff Designer at Shopify

Remote | Full-time

From last week: UX Designer at Albertsons Companies

Boise | Full-time

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Account Coordinator at Stoltz Marketing Group

Boise | Full-time

Head of Digital Growth at Saalt

Boise | Full-time

Marketing Analyst at Drake Cooper

Boise or remote | Full-time

Product Marketing Associate at Clearwater Analytics

Boise | Full-time

Sales Trainer at Vacasa

Boise | Full-time

Customer Support Specialist at Truckstop

Boise or remote | Full-time

Marketing Generalist at Gravity Payments

Remote | Full-time


I didn’t write down the direct quote. I was too busy being nervous. It was my first day.